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~~~ Tri-County Table Tennis Club ~~~

The JFK Senior Center "Multipurpose" Room
1580 E. 332 St.
Eastlake, OH 44095-3922

*PARKING: Make first available right turn
off the one-way circular driveway. Enter
doors nearest the "William H. Taft"
lettering on the building. Once inside,
the "Multipurpose" room is just ahead
and slightly to the left.

Directions are available on-screen near the
bottom of this page. Below these are red
links, which include printable directions
and a detailed local map. Click the "E'lake
Map, Drctns." links for WORD or PDF versions.

A link for an interactive club map is also
available near the bottom of this page if
you click "Online Map" there.

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April 2015

(playing dates & times in bold blue only)
Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
1-5 p.m.
7-10 p.m.
31 April
7-10 p.m.
3 4
1-5 p.m.
5 6
7-10 p.m.
7 8 9
7-10 p.m.
10 11
1-5 p.m.
12 13
7-10 p.m.
14 15 16
7-10 p.m.
17 18
1-5 p.m.
19 20
7-10 p.m.
21 22 23
7-10 p.m.
24 25
1-5 p.m.
26 27
7-10 p.m.
28 29 30
7-10 p.m.
1-5 p.m.

Executive Administrator: Ron Arcaro

Click rotating icon above for Ron's e-mail, or

Ron's Text and/or Voicemail: 440-525-0395

Please note: (3/20/2015)

Open Play Hours are:

Mondays & Thursdays 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. &

*Saturdays 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

*Certain Saturdays & Holidays may be unavailable.

We will NOT be playing on Sat. March 28.
(The Multipurpose room will not be
available on that date.)
Instead, we will be playing the following day,
Sunday March 29, 2015 from 1-5 p.m.

If coming from a considerable distance to get here,
besides checking this website, you may also want to
text (preferable)/call Ron at 440-525-0395 for
assurance with regard to Saturday/Holiday play.

Check here (or below in "Recent News/Notices") occasionally
to see if there are any updates pertaining to make-up dates:

The playing fee is $4 per visit.

Juniors under the age of 16 and
accompanied by an adult pay $3.

Our Club has 3 Blue Cornilleau 740,
5 skirted Blue Stiga Expert Roller, &
1 Donic (in an auxiliary room) tables.
There is also a Newgy 2050 robot that
can be set up in the equipment room.

Lengths of unrolled corrugated cardboard are
used as barriers regardless of how the tables
are configured in the room.

The main room is large enough to accommodate five
tables; one row of four tables would occupy
most of the room, with another table behind this
row and arranged perpendicularly to the other four.

We have tile flooring and new (as of mid-Sept. 2014),
brighter, and more even flourescent lighting.

The entire room has "Lux" readings for light
intensity that are above the minimum tournament
requirement of 300. And, for the four main courts,
the readings are consistently above 450.

The ceiling is semi-high in a series of up-and-down
V-shapes. So ceiling height varies throughout, but is
still sufficient for most lobbing styles.

The "Multipurpose" (main) room and the "Card"
(auxiliary) room are air-conditioned from
approximately June through September.

Thanks to all who participated in the Friday Doubles &
Sunday Singles (Jan.11 & 13, 2013) competitions.
To view prize-winning finishers in
each of the final groups, click on the red
"Results Jan. 2013" link near the very bottom of
this page on the left.

Recent News, Notices
(from most recent on down, as dated):


We will NOT be playing on Sat. March 28.
(The Multipurpose room will not be
available on that date.)
Instead, we will be playing the following day,
Sunday March 29, 2015 from 1-5 p.m.


Registration for the popular Erie, PA Giant
Round-Robin (Sat., April 11) and Ratings
Events (Sun. April 12) tournaments is
currently underway.

You can either pick up an entry form on any
playing date at our club, or find a PDF
version of the entry form at the bottom of
this page. Look for the red "Erie Entry Form"
link below.

These will be two-star, 20-table, new
plastic ball, wooden gym floor,
Sam Steiner run events.

For further information, click on the
"Erie Table Tennis" link at the very
bottom of this page.


About half of the Dec. shipment of the
new plastic three-star balls is still
available for purchase.

These balls are in white only. They will be
sold in boxes of three balls for $3 per box.

A brand new supply of name-brand, three-
star, orange celluloid balls is also now
available for sale.

They may be purchased for $2 per ball,
or three balls for $5.

Other good-quality orange three-star
celluloid balls may be purchased at
a rate of either $1 per ball, or 6
balls for $5, while supplies last.

Orange celluloid practice balls can also
be purchased for 50 cents per ball, or
at a rate of three balls for $1.

All ball sales must be made
directly through Ron.


USA Table Tennis is modernizing the way
they will be processing memberships for
those interested in joining the national
organization, as well as providing ratings
for non-members as well as members.

Information on this matter can be found
in the large red "USATT Memberships" link
near the bottom of this page. This memo
is in PDF format.



PLEASE: For everyone's safety, avoid playing
doubles in the Multi-Purpose room unless you
are playing on a table near either wall AND
there is nobody playing on the next nearest

If you come to the club (particularly on
Thursdays) with the expectation of playing
predominantly doubles, please text
(preferable) or call Ron at 440-525-0395. He
will make sure the Donic table is set up in
the "overflow" classroom and ready to go for

Typically, this room is already available for
doubles (or "overflow" singles) on Mondays &
Saturdays. So, no need to contact Ron ahead
of time on either of those two days. Thanks.



Information on Ohio's State Senior
Olympic Games can be found on their
website. Click the red "Sr. Olympics
Website" link near the bottom of this page.



There is an online article from the Columbus
Dispatch about the Butterfly Thanksgiving
Team Tournament recently concluded, which
mentions a few players from the club.

To read it, click on the red "Cols. Dispatch
Article" link near the bottom of this page.



It is with much sadness that we inform
folks of the death of Gus Kurz.

Gus was a longtime area player, who was as
fierce a competitor at the table as anyone,
but who was just as amiable between matches.

Along the way, Gus helped introduce the
sport; it's techniques and strategies, to
at least a few young area players.

There's no doubt that he will be missed
by all who knew him. (10/1/2012)


If you would like a compendium of known
locations throughout N.E. Ohio where table
tennis is a regular activity, there is a PDF
link near the bottom of this page.

Click the red "NE OH TT(PDF)" link to open
and print it if you wish. There are also a
limited number of hard copies in the pocket
on our bulletin board at the club. (9/7/2012)


The club now has availability to a bulletin
board in the Multipurpose room where we play.

It is above the table where you sign in.
That is, to your immediate left if you enter
the Multipurpose room by the double doors
nearest the building entrance.

Upcoming tournament & clinic registration
forms, as well as other pertinent info can
now be found on this bulletin board.(7/30/2012)


When there is a conflict with Saturdays,
we will likely schedule play for Sundays
instead. This is not likely to happen often,
but it is worth checking this site or
calling someone to know which
weekend day we will be playing. (6/12/2012)


If you could use a WORD or PDF version of a
printable detailed map and directions of the
Eastlake location, click either of the red
"E'lake Map, Drctns." links near the bottom
of this page.

You will also find a link to an interactive
"Online Map" there as well.



For those who might not be aware, we have a
Donic table in the "Cards" room across the
hallway from the Multi-Purpose room. Ideally,
this room is best suited for doubles, or
practice/training purposes. Please ask about
its availability.



Leave something behind on your last visit?

Items left behind are placed in the storage
room with the tables for safe keeping.

Please reclaim any item you may have
forgotten by asking a staff member to
retrieve it for you.



If you care to read the "Mythbusters" article
interviewing Carlo Wolff about his start in
and continuance to the present day in Table
Tennis, click on the red "Carlo Wolff TT"
link near the bottom of this page.



You can subscribe to a weekly table tennis
newsletter, focusing on local current
events, at the Strongsville Club's website.

Look for the red "Strongsville Table Tennis"
link at the bottom of this page.



To those that were playing back in the
sixties and seventies, it is with regret
that we inform you of the passing of former
6-time U.S. champion, Dal-Joon Lee. D-J
passed on Sept. 19 at the age of 71.

For those who do not know, D-J spent a number
of years in the Greater Cleveland area before
moving to Columbus to run a TT club. He moved
to Las Vegas about 30 years ago and retired
as a player in our sport.

D-J, born in Korea, was probably the first
of many highly established Asian players to
immigrate to the U.S. and find a multitude
of success in our sport here. (10/05/2010)


Top-notch player & coach, Samson Dubina has
a website where you can check on his
coaching availability, clinics, and read
free articles about Table Tennis.

Look for the red "Samson Dubina coaching"
link at the very bottom of this page.

Or, contact Samson at either
hammondproking@aol.com or 330-949-9230.


Please, please wear shoes with non-marking
soles only when playing at our club.
Street shoes or any other shoes that leave
marks on the floor will not be allowed.


Also near the bottom is a red link for an
umpires and referees memo regarding re-gluing
policy at tournaments and testing of rackets
for glues containing Volatile Organic
Compounds. Only water-based glues are now
allowed for tournament play. (9/8/2008)


Our club's Constitution and By-Laws can be
read by clicking the red links below.

CLUB DIRECTIONS........................................................................

We are located in the city of Eastlake, OH in the JFK Senior Center (formerly the William H. Taft School).

Eastlake is an eastern suburb of Cleveland, bordering on Lake Erie, and about 15-20 miles from downtown Cleveland.

Though NOT a mailing address for the club, the JFK Senior Center's official address is:
1580 East 332nd St. / Eastlake, OH 44095-3922.

THE CLOSEST PARKING LOT TO THE PLAYING VENUE IS THE RIGHTMOST LOT WHICH IS THE FIRST LOT OFF A ONE-WAY CIRCULAR DRIVEWAY. Once parked, enter through the doors closest to the "William H. Taft" lettering on the building. Once inside the building, look for the "Multipurpose" room just ahead of you and slightly to your left.

FROM WEST: Take the Shoreway (I-90/OH Rte.2) heading East from Cleveland. Near the Euclid/Wickliffe boundary, I-90 & Rte.2 will separate. Stay on Rte.2 (the leftmost two lanes). *Exit at E.305 St. (the second exit after the split). The exit widens to three lanes at the traffic light. Be in the middle lane to make a wide left turn onto E.305 so as to end up in the far right lane of E.305. Drive a short distance under the Rte.2 overpass and just beyond (NOT AT, NOR BEFORE) the next traffic light, make a right turn onto N. Marginal Rd. Drive about 0.75 mi. on N. Marginal to the intersection of (now) Curtis Blvd. & E.337 St. Make a left onto E.337. Be careful to observe the posted 25 MPH speed limit and go another 0.4 mi. to Morris, which is the second side-street on the left. Travel about another 0.15 mi. on Morris, which takes a severe jog to the right, then to the left (so take it slowly). Continue about another 0.15 mi. on Morris to E.332 St. The building should now be in sight. Follow driveway/parking/entering instructions from just above.

FROM EAST: Take OH rte.2 due West. Exit at Vine St. in the middle lane. Turn right onto Vine to be in the leftmost lane. Remain in this lane for the next 1.3 mi. Turn left on E.332 St. and go for another 0.35 mi. until you reach the driveway on the right for the JFK Senior Center. Follow driveway and parking instructions from above.

(IF COMING FROM FURTHER EAST): Take I-90 West until OH Rte. 44. Take 44 North to OH Rte. 2. Now follow “FROM EAST” directions immediately above this line.

FROM SOUTH: Take I-271 North until it ends. Be in the rightmost two lanes to take I-90 West. Follow I-90 West (so stay in the rightmost two lanes) until OH Rte. 2. Be in the rightmost lane to then access Rte. 2 East. Now follow same directions after " * " in "FROM WEST" midway above.